Tom Slatter

Tom Slatter

What would it sound like if Nick Cave started writing songs with Genesis after watching too many episodes of Dr Who? How many songs about replacing your body parts with mechanical alternatives is too many? Does the world need a steampunk/scifi inspired prog rock act? Tom Slatter set out to answer none of these questions, but accidentally did.

"Music...delivered with huge doses of black humour in an intensely macabre way...bordering on insane genius"

                                                            -- Lady Obscure website

"Tom has cornered the market in steampunk sci-fi prog...and has proven that modern progressive rock can be truly progressive"

                                                           -- Progarchy

"Music as out there as this deserves to be heard"

                                                           -- Progarchives




Twitter: @TomSlatter

Tom Slatter ~ Fit The Fourth CD

Tom Slatter ~ Fit The Fourth CD

Bad Elephant Music is proud to announce ‘Fit the Fourth’, the new album from respected singer, songw..


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