Steve Thorne

Steve Thorne

Steve Thorne's "Crimes And Reasons" his fourth album release in 2012 has ten well written and skillfully recorded songs on it, featuring some of the best and well respected musicians in the genre including Tony Levin of King Crimson and Peter Gabriel's band and Nick D;Virgilio ex Spocks Beard, Tears For Fears.

Steve's music ranges from soft and melancholic to aggressive, loud and with hard hitting political lyrics + every shade in between.

"Crimes And Reasons" comes highly recommended to fans of It Bites, Porcupine Tree etc.

If anyone would like a copy personally  signed to them, this can be arranged on request.

Steve is currently working on two new albums simultaneously. His fourth coming and last solo release "Island Of The Imbeciles" is due to be mixed in late October and released in early to mid 2014 and an album named "A Pocketful Of Change" which will be released a few months later under the name "The Salamander Project". The material on that album will be less progressive and purely song based.


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Steve Thorne ~ Crimes and Reasons CD
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