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Through mixing styles and entangling sounds of Mellotrons, 12 string guitars, Hammond organ, and many others, the creation was born. Enjoy the ride as this album takes you through imaginary tales of unlikely characters inspired by English literature and Greek mythology. From Stanley Kubrick to The Beatles, ODDITY proposes a journey through history while providing a clear, homogeneous and modern sound. The recording of this opus was made possible by a number of Franck’s musical acquaintances amongst whom “special guests” include John Hackett, Larry Crockett, Phildas ૐ Bhakta and Yanne Matis. This album which, even prior to its release has been warmly welcomed by critics, allowed Franck, backed-up by a passionate and professional band to tour throughout Europe.
The success of ODDITY and the ODDITY-TOUR naturally led Franck to release a second album – TORN APART – in which one of the highlights is the special guest participation of his mentor, Mr Steve Hackett himself.

Studio Album, released in 2011

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Achilles (14:51)
- a. Troy
- b. Achilles To Patroclus
- c. Achilles To Hector
- d. Achilles To Priam
- e. Achilles To Thetis
- f. Crossing The River Styx
2. The Quind (9:23)
3. The Eyes Of Age (4:30)
4. Alice's Eerie Dream (11:50)
- a. Searching For Alice
- b. A Mad Tea Party From 7 To 11
- c. Across The Looking-Glass
5. The Last Oddity (10:17)
6. The Carpet Crawlers (6:06)
7. Alice's Eerie Dream [Radio Edit] (3:59)

Total Time: 60:56

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Franck Carducci ~ Oddity CD

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