George Wilding

George Wilding is an English singer songwriter. Born in 1996, he now lives in Avebury, Wiltshire.
He taught himself to play the guitar after his younger brother started having lessons, and was writing his own songs by the age of twelve. He had shown no particular interest in music in his formative years other than a tendency to hum words rather than speak them.
Shying away from talent shows, he preferred instead to gain experience performing at local open mic slots where he has developed a loyal following. He describes his songs as abstract stories.
He caught the eye of local musician Nick Harper who asked him to perform at his charity gig Avebury Rocks in 2011 for the Love, Hope and Strength Foundation. Along with Nick, he is the only performer to have played each year since, supporting acts such as Newton Falkner and The Levellers.
This brought him to the attention of musician and songwriter Gary Saunders, who had moved from London to Wiltshire, and had built a reputation for performing, production and arranging. For his EP Being Ragdollian they enlisted the help of Stu Rowe at his Lighterthief Studios in Swindon.
Gary and Stu chose a number of musicians they had worked with over the last couple of decades to help bring George’s songs to life.  Andy Phillips, a long time collaborator of Gary’s, was brought in to play drums; Stu’s brothers Pete, who owns The Ladder Factory Studio in Shrivenham, recorded the drums through a vintage Trident desk; and Mikey, who took time out from touring with Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, played keyboards on the tracks.
All these veteran musicians were blown away by the strength of George’s material and it is very rare to find the kind of songwriting craft George possesses at such an early age.

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