Fire Garden

Fire Garden

Fire Garden is a music project founded in Chicago in 2007. A brainchild of songwriter Zee Baig the music fuses progressive rock with wide range of styles such as rock, industrial, jazz and metal. Their main philosophy is to portray emotions with sound and lyrics without compromising the soul of music.

Fire Garden with 2 full length records ‘Far and Near’ (2016) and ‘Sound of Majestic Colors’ (2014) along with one EP ‘The Prelude’ (2012) is continue to breaching all the rules on exploration to define its own sound. 

FAR AND NEAR is latest full length record featuring master drummer Jimmy Keegan (former Spock’s Beard)  and keyboard virtuoso Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), mixed by musical ears of Bruce Soord (The Pineapple Thief), featuring 9 new tracks demonstrates wide range of influences, released after a successful crowdfunding campaign crossed over 227% of the original goal.

SOUND OF MAJESTIC COLORS was the debut full length effort of the band with prime songwriting and solid musicianship makes it a triumph. The music takes a listener to epic sonic journey. With 10 tracks clocking over 70 minutes of music the album provides different flavors of progressive rock music from soulful vocal melodies to skull crushing riffs to epic moments.


1.    Far and Near (LP 2016)
2.    Sound of Majestic Colors (LP 2014)
3.    The Prelude (EP 2012)


1.    Zee - Guitars, Vocals
2.    Marc Malitz - Bass and Backing Vocals
3.    Allen Laid - Guitars
4.    Paul Kilkenny - Drums
5.    Frank Lucas - Keyboards


1.    Dream Theater
2.    Porcupine Tree / Steven Wilson
3.    Pink Floyd
4.    Opeth

Fire Garden ~ Far And Near CD/DVD

Fire Garden ~ Far And Near CD/DVD

Fire Garden second full length record contains 9 new tracks featuring Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater),..


Fire Garden ~ Sound Of Majestic Colors CD (2014)

Fire Garden ~ Sound Of Majestic Colors CD (2014)

Tracks:  1. The Joker 2. Alone 3. Time Machine 4. Endless Memories 5. Redemption  6...


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