Andy Tillison

Andy has often been called a “vastly under-rated talent” - his keyboards work with the Tangent is highly regarded and he's finally been well recognised in various key polls recently. Prog Magazine had him as number three keyboards player of 2013 in their most recent poll and the long standing Dutch Progressive Rock Page poll had him at number ONE the same year – finally beating Jordan Rudess!. He was awarded a special CRS award for “Outstanding Contribution To Music” in 2012 presented to him by veteran Whistle Test broadcaster Bob Harris.


Andy's involvement with Progressive Rock Music started in the late 1970s with the bands New Opera, Gold Frankincense & Disk Drive, Parallel Or 90 Degrees and The Tangent being the four main vehicles for his writing since that time. As well as this, he's worked with many other artists, of particular note are his organ and synth parts for the two “English Electric” albums by Big Big Train and forthcoming albums by the German band Argos and Christina Booth's upcoming solo album. Improvised live performances by Andy and Matt Stevens have become a festival favourite, and totally solo shows are becoming more frequent. Andy and Jonas Reingold took a special six piece lineup around Europe earlier this year to play music by Karmakanic and The Tangent headlining the prestigious Celebr8 festival in London being the major highlight of that successful and actually profitable tour. 

Po90 ~ Jitters CD

Po90 ~ Jitters CD

Interlude Stand Alone Threesome Entry Level Backup Jitters The Dock Of The Abyss On..


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