• Mary Reynaud - Make It Together CD

Born in rock'n roll, raised in country music, and grown up with bluegrass music, this french artist who started playing music at twelve presents her first original songs, a delighful capture of folk and poetry, true to her heart, and full of magic.

"This disc represents the capture of a moment. It was not thought and prepared as are the albums normally. But one March evening, there was Franck, Manu and Dorian gathered in my living room around me and my songs. Notes have flown, arrangements have arisen and the idea of seizing this moment has germinated. Two weeks later we were in the studio, all three in a room and we were recording. Everything was seized as it was, the heart, the breaths, the ideas that came, the broken voice of emotion, movements, small defects ... just as in the living room. We did it together. And now you only have to sit with us." - Mary

Magic Passerelle

Make It Together

Sad For Nothing

No Way You Can Guess

Under The Fig Tree

3 Chords And The Truth

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Mary Reynaud - Make It Together CD

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