• Franck Carducci ~ Tearing The Tour Apart DVD

Live recorded during the "Tearing The Tour Apart" tour 2015

Shipping from 13/12/16

Franck Carducci: bass, 12 string guitar, vocals
Christophe Obadia: electric guitar, bass pedals, didgeridoo, vocals
Olivier Castan: keyboards, vocals
Mathieu Spaeter: 6 and 12 string guitars, vocals
Mary Reynaud: rainstick, tambourine, vocals
* Special Guest: Jimmy Pallagrosi: drums


“It’s an absolute delight to be able to release a DVD of our live shows. For me, the visual aspect have always been a full part of live music.
That’s why acts like Genesis & Peter Gabriel, David Bowie, Alice Cooper and of course Pink-Floyd have always been huge influences of mine.
So a DVD was completely necessary to be able to share the full experience of our shows and I do hope people will enjoy it!”

 Tracklist DVD:

01. Torn Apart                   10:52
02. Closer to Irreversible  6:19
03. Artificial Paradises      14:50
04. Mr. Hyde & Dr. Jekyll    8:16
05. Artificial Love               6:52
06. Achilles Sword Fight     1:57
07. Achilles                        13:34
08. A Brief Tale of Time     13:52
09. The Last Oddity           11:58
10. Supper's Ready            3:50
11. Alice's Eerie Dream     14:25
12. Credits

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Franck Carducci ~ Tearing The Tour Apart DVD

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