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Bespoke Merchandising

After a few years selling merch at gigs for friends' and family's bands, it occurred to us that these bands - and others like them - needed an online outlet where their fans could buy their products whenever they wanted, not just at gigs.

The Merch Desk was created in 2011 to provide a fair trading service so that the majority of revenue goes back into the bands' creative coffers.

We can design, supply and sell your band's merchandise so you can record your greatest hits instead of standing in a queue at the Post Office.

What we do

The Merch Desk takes care of all your merchandising needs so that you don't have to –
everything from design, to production & supply, to distribution.

So, put the kettle on and scroll on down to see what we could do for you.

Design Service

Incorporating the talents of top designers (including Vitamin P) we can design the artwork for your
t-shirts, album covers, cakes, posters, bass drum decals, badges and more.

Production & Supply

We can produce and manufacture your merchandise, using our designs or your own if you prefer.
Contact us now for a quote.


Add your merchandise to our expanding online catalogue, and we will process & dispatch retail or trade orders quickly and securely to anywhere on planet Earth.


Client Testimonials

Nellie took over the mail order side of things for us early in 2015 just for a month whilst we were away from home and unable to fill orders, when we returned from home we realised just how much freedom we’d have with someone else running this side of the business for us. We simply divert people from our own website store page to the Pendragon page on The Merch Desk website, it’s incredibly easy for us, and I think our customers like it too, they can pick up Pendragon merchandise and drop merch from their other favourite bands in the trolley at the same time. We benefit from her business set up and it gives us more time to get on with writing and recording music, arranging shows and generally giving us more space. Having someone take care of this side of things is incredibly liberating, we send the stock over to The Merch Desk and she cracks on with it, it's so easy! Nellie works hard for all the bands she supports and looks after our customers in a way we would look after them ourselves… what’s not to love?

Rachel Wilce

I worked with Nellie Pitts at The Merch Desk on the production and sale of The Mute Gods T shirts. This is a very simple process that makes my life easy. I supplied her with artwork, she does all the hard work like selling them.
Just the way I like it.
Cheers Nells.
Let’s do it again. 

Nick Beggs
Steven Wilson/Mute Gods

I am proud to say that is my preferred sales outlet. Nellie operates a tight ship, and I've heard nothing but praise from those who've bought my EP from here. As a musician I can also recommend the service The Merch Desk offers. For a small consideration, Nellie will take the hassle of all those trips to the post office out of your hands. The website offers a good shop window to the web, and you get the benefit of your merch being available in the same place as a number of other artists whose fan-base may also have an interest in your work. You know it makes sense!!

Alan Reed
Pallas/Abel Ganz

The idea of a central merchandise point for bands is something I've been pushing to anyone who will listen for a long time. Nellie is the ideal person to run this business, given her love for the music, and experience in selling merchandise at gigs for bands - She's great to work with, but never forget the second word in the phrase 'Music Business'! The Merch Desk is an ideal way for fans of bands to support and show their support for the music they love, whilst allowing them to find out about other similar acts at the same time.

John Jowitt

I’ve always been impressed by Nellie and the Merch Desk’s quite fearless approach to getting involved in such a variety of different projects and making them work, often against the odds. Prog Magazine has worked with her for many years now, it’s always been a delight and a partnership I hope lasts long into the future. She also drinks like a horse.

Jerry Ewing
Prog Magazine


The Merch Desk
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